Who are we?
Watch Outlet is one of the oldest replica watch dealers, previously supplying the biggest replica dealers on the forums. Watch Outlet partnered with PureTime in 2008 and the partnership made PureTime the biggest replica dealer on the Internet. Both Pure Time and Watch Outlet are sister companies. Watch Outlet offers the most competitive prices and the best service available as a wholesaler. We work with the major replica watch makers to get the best prices and we are trusted dealers on the major replica watch forums.
Do you have a warranty?
Our watches do not come with a warranty. We are no longer held responsible for your watches from the point of shipping your order out to you. If you watch should need a repair we can help you to get the parts needed from the factories at cost price.
Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum order.
How can you offer such low prices?
  1. No warranty: We do not offer a warranty with the watches, so we save a lot on fixing the watches and shipping the watches back.
  2. No shipping insurance: We do not reship or refund the watches if they are lost or seized by customs.
  3. Only Bitcoin is accepted: We do not need to pay credit card company for processing fees or PayPal for transaction fees, and we do not need to worry about chargebacks.
  4. Huge buying power with the watch makers: We sell a lot so we have the buying power to negotiate the prices with the maker, that is why we can offer you at prices that others can't.
What payment methods do you accept?
We only accept Bitcoin. To learn more about Bitcoin please visit our "Payment Methods" page. At the prices we are selling at we cannot afford any transaction fee or chargebacks, so any payment method with such facilities will not be accepted (Credit Card, PayPal, etc.).
What happens if my order gets seized by customs?
If your order gets seized by customs or if a package gets lost en-route we will not refund nor replace your order for free. Customs seizures and lost packages are at your own risk and responsibility. However we do exercise extreme caution when sending out your order, with only a safe amount of watches being sent per order and using the safest shipping methods.
Do you drop-ship?
Yes we do! Please bear in mind all of our terms still apply though, so please make sure that if you opt for drop shipping that your customer’s country is safe for shipping to, and that any issues during shipping, or with customs, or if the order arrives damaged are your responsibility.
What happens if my watch/es arrive DOA, broken or defective? Do I have a warranty?
We will be sending time accuracy and water-resistance test pictures for every watch ordered, along with QC pictures showing the watches to be in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition. We do not offer a repair service nor a warranty, however if you need parts and we can source them, we will sell them to you at cost price.
Can I pay extra and have a warranty on my watches?
We do not offer this, please buy from our sister company: www.puretime05.com - if you wish to have a warranty and insurance on your purchase.
Can WatchStation provide me with pictures to show potential customers?
We understand that pictures are very important within this industry, after all, a picture says a thousand words! Buying the watches and then taking pictures of them is not for everyone, and can be quite a costly and potentially risky investment, especially for newbies. We have the solution to cater to your reselling or start up business.

If you want a full set of pictures with any text of your choice as a watermark, we will charge you $100 per set of pictures for 1 watch. However, you can recoup your money back, here's how:
  1. If you sell 1 piece of a watch you received pictures for, we will reimburse $80 of the $100 you paid for the pictures.
  2. If you sell 2 or more pieces of the watch, we will reimburse the remainding $20 you paid for the pictures. As a note, if you sell 1 piece and then 2 months later sell another, same rules will still apply, you don’t have to sell 2 or more pieces at the same time
Please email our sales representative at: [email protected] with your picture requests, and we hope this helps you all in your success in reselling!